Tassu Foundation Formwork


Lay the foundation of a building in one day

The prefabricated TASSU formwork system, complete with rebar, is delivered on the construction site in a single delivery. No special tools are required: you will only need bolt cutters suitable for cutting the rebar, tie wire and a wire tying tool. The formwork comes with clear and detailed instructions on how to make the different joints and end pieces. The instructions are suitable for both professional and DIY builders. The concrete is pumped into the formwork from a cement mixer truck. Construction of the socle can be started as soon as the concrete is cured.


  • The prefabricated TASSU formwork is easy to work with. No special tools or special skills are required.


  • Thanks to the prefabricated formwork, you can install the forms and cast the concrete foundation in just one day.


  • o Thanks to the quick and easy installation, you can achieve significant cost savings. The TASSU formwork can be left in place after the casting. As a result, there’ll be no construction waste to get rid of. The construction site stays tidy and safe.

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